Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group is looking for young, skilled and motivated interns for its various programmes and initiatives. If you are interested in contributing towards environmental justice and sustainability by working in partnership with diverse stakeholders, please apply here.

Please note that we prefer young graduates based in Delhi, for a minimum of 2-3 months. Interns will get to learn in a dynamic work environment, and will be provided with a certificate at the successful completion of their internship.

Please also note that this is an unpaid internship however work related expenses will be covered. We promise a great value addition to your work experience!
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Please list your educational qualifications in ascending chronological order with college/university, degree/subject and year of graduation specified.
(Example: 1. Kirori Mal College, DU - BSc Physics - 2013)

Fresh graduates are preferred but college/high school students can also apply.
Falsification of information will lead to disqualification.
Work Experience? *

Please list any previous work experience in ascending chronological order with the organisation, designation and duties specified. Internships/Volunteering included.
(Example: 1. Chintan - Intern - Assisting in research and communications...)

No previous experience is required, but some relevant experience is preferred.

Falsification of information will lead to disqualification.
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Please specify which of the following programmes and activities you will be interested to work with the most? (Please note that allocation to programme and activities will be made based on availability and requirement of that team)

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Please indicate your preferred time frame of availability for the internship.
(6 weeks minimum, 3 months preferred) 

We prefer full-time interns who can work 10-6 from our office in Lajpat Nagar, but we can also consider part-time interns or volunteers from 2-6 as well on a case by case basis.
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